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D-MYST - un-educating children and brainwashing hate

It's hard to forget a group as plainly awful as D-Myst, who I have previously done a Freedom of Information request on. Paula Keaveney, a Liberal Democrat ex councillor has also done a Freedom of Information request on them, looking into how much their ridiculous campaign to make films containing smoking 18 rated. They also aim to get smoking banned from being shown on television pre-watershed, and cite 'The Simpsons' as an example of television trying to recruit child smokers. Yeah, right.  Also, their claim that moving smoking to after watershed will stop children from seeing smoking is plainly nonsense. Under 18s don't go to bed at 9 o'clock, so if this was ever pushed through it would obviously just open the floodgates for, "Allowing smoking on television post-watershed is not good enough because x research shows children have a high level of exposure to television after 9pm," etc.

They claimed that 52% of young smokers in Liverpool took up the habit entirely due to seeing people smoking in films. This "science", which is here pretty much boils down to, "A higher percentage of children in the UK than the USA smoke, and films containing smoking are given more lenient ratings in the UK therefore clearly this means children are taking up smoking because of seeing more smoking in films." Plain rubbish, and embarrassing that so much taxpayers' money goes into funding crap that passes as "science".

Anyway, this was all a while ago, and in 2009 they went to campaign to the BBFC to try to get films with smoking in (including just by extras in the background) rated '18', and the BBFC were having nothing to do with it thank god.

I can report, however, that they still appear to be going strong (as my FOI request revealed), and as well as lobbying for smoking to only appear on television post-watershed, they seem to have adopted a new tactic of making out that smokers are hideous, "stink", are ugly etc, and of course continuing exaggerating and scaremongering by implying people can die from just smoking a single cigarette. This doesn't seem to be a tactic unique to Liverpool's tobacco control industry prats, and recently my young cousin of 7 who lives near Kettering kindly told me I'm going to die before I'm 18 if I don't put my cigarette out, to which I replied I'm 22.

Dying from sucking an unlit cigarette?

D-MYST are currently running a competition to win Alton Towers tickets by entering anti-smoking drawings.
A six year old child sends this picture into taxpayer funded "educational" group, D-MYST
Now as D-Myst are supposed to "educate" children on tobacco, one would expect them not to publish the picture, as it's absolutely ludicrous and no 10 year old has ever died from smoking, but instead it is published with the comment
We like your drawing Hannah! Thanks for sending it in!

This ties in nicely with a number of videos from the "Cut Films" campaign, which is closely linked to D-MYST and run by the usual suspects, but is of course operating under a different name (along with "Smoke and Mirrors", another laughable Liverpool PCT sockpuppet), which imply outright that a single cigarette can kill you. This particular video has the caption "This film is going to explain to you how easy it is to get hurt by having a cigarette. It will explain that just by being stressed it can make you go and get a cigarette to calm you down and what the consequences could be," and shows a boy dying from sucking on an unlit cigarette. The only heartening bit of it is that the child "actors" in it couldn't keep a straight face as it's such obvious nonsense yet the evil tobacco control witches will no doubt lap it up.

But of course for these people the ends justify the means and they have absolutely no interest in science or facts, just twisting and inventing to brainwash children. I have little faith in Britain's science establishments at the moment and can only see things getting worse. For the many layers of Common Purpose and faceless bureaucrats, reporting the "correct information" is paramount, and the "wrong" results are silenced and squashed. This is the un-Enlightenment. They don't care what effect this has on the future of science in general, and we are also seeing it in the "Climate Change" racket. Swivel-eyed, government financed control freaks are destroying science and indoctrinating children into anti-science.

Smokers Stink/are ugly/are a "joke"

Anti-smoking fascists were slightly slow at pushing this angle initially but now encouraging hate speech against smokers is in full force it seems for D-MYST and the other "Youth Action" (read: brainwashing) tobacco control groups.

Incidentally, this video produced for Cut Films is unintentionally the best advert for smoking I've seen in a long time -

The D-MYST competition has had ridiculous submissions like this, and children are even being taught that Audrey Hepburn was ugly and unattractive.

While they are calling celebrity smokers hideous, perhaps they would like to show us what a paragon of beauty looks like.

Andrea Crossfield, head of Tobacco Free Futures Liverpool

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  1. You should read this by Simon Chapman, who is the Root of All Evil (smoking, climate change, gun control to name only but a few), but even he doesn't believe smoking in films/TV should be banned: