Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Non-Conformist Conformist Non-Conformist Conformists...(?)

For years we've had communists/socialists/"progressives" desperately trying to get McDonald's shut down with all manner of campaigns from "Oooooh, McDonald's is making your kids fat! They're evil" to "McDonald's is an evil corporation making money from killing your children!!!" and "public health" idiots have even begun referring to the food industry as the sinister sounding "Big Food". Cue moral panic, as there is nothing that distresses middle class lefties more than THE MASSES BUYING THINGS THEY DON'T LIKE!
'Why oh why won't these plebs eat locally sourced, organic, vegan anti-capitalist healthy stuff!?' they wail.


It must all be an evil plot by corporations! They brainwash our children! This is entirely the fault of capitalism! Thank goodness my cosmopolitan, white middle class friends and I are so smart that we can see past the corporations' evil stare and mind-numbing advertisements. Now we must protect the poor people's children! They are so fat! Fat is disgusting! Look at this fat child!


Well, apart from the fact that it doesn't add up, and young people who eat at McDonald's every day weigh less than those who don't. In fact, it's pretty much inverse proportional - people who went to McDonald's more frequently weighed less.
So stop with the lame anti-capitalist bullshit and using pictures of children's bodies to push an agenda. Ironically anti-McDonald's people who complain about fat children and say how gross they are yadda yadda tend to be the exact same ones who also use skinny models' and celebrities' bodies to push the same anti-capitalist agenda!


Adbusters (a perfect example of this kind of dreadful mindset, and also the source of the above "anti-consumerism" pictures) interestingly has this poster on its site, in the midst of a big load of anti-Nike propaganda

yet its website sells

WHAT DO YOU WANT, ANTI-CAPITALISTS!? For us to be thin? fat? Buy shoes? Not buy shoes?What?!
Oh right, ok. You want everyone to be you


The sorts of people who genuinely believe that because they are so virulently anti-capitalist and anti-corporation etc that they are infallible and wonderful people, when actually all they are is sneering snobs who despise “the little people” every bit as much as they loathe McDonald’s and Nike and other corporations. They despise them supposedly for “doing as they’re told” by advertising, but what they really despise them for is for not doing as they’re told by these upper middle class, smug bores.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

NEWSFLASH: Mortality is a lie!

Every fake charity and their fake charity wives seem to continuously be putting out reports suggesting huge numbers of deaths per year are "preventable" if you eat this, don't eat that, don't smoke that, do this type of exercise, refrain from drinking that, and yet statistics show that around 400,000 people a year die in the UK...
From the remarkable news that minimum alcohol pricing will not only save thousands of lives but in fact raise the dead from their graves, Cancer Research's estimates that over 107,000 deaths a year are preventable, caused by smoking, and the 90,000 preventable deaths each year supposedly caused by lack of exercise, to the 19,000 deaths a year that CASH tells us would be prevented if people reduced their daily salt intake to 6g, I'm wondering that perhaps if all these wonderful publicly funded health bodies were to decide all the UK's health policies, no one would need to die at all!

And that's just the start of it -

Dorling, a Human Geographer specialising in how we die, evidenced road death as the greatest avoidable public health epidemic. Once it was open sewers, then tobacco, now roads must be recognised as the nation’s major killer and be tackled. Introducing 20 mph is the most cost effective way to improve quality of life in Britain today.

Educated people gave up smoking themselves before a public ban. Much like proper disposal of sewage, for 20mph speed limits the authorities must lead on this public health benefit. Dorling said
“If British people care about children and have a soul, they’d want 20 mph residential speed limits.”

I'm convinced.  Fantastic. If all these clever people with fantastic caring souls are allowed to just do their jobs and save all of us (especially the kiddies) via public health legislation, none of us here in the UK would ever need be bereaved ever again!

These statistics are really just the start of it though. The 19,000 lives a year that CASH claimed would be prevented by a reduction in everyone's daily salt level to 6g a day is only scratching the surface of the lives that could be saved...

In their timeline of aims, we see that 6g of salt a day is far too much, and that the recommended daily amount to save even more lives is... 1,500mg. Yep, that's 1.5g, or, about 2 spoons of tomato ketchup... per day. Helpfully though, CASH provides us with a list of foods low in salt, with exciting items such as fruit, cottage cheese and fromage frais.

What's this though??? The Food Commission warns that fromage frais is "loaded with sugar"! And before you reach for that fruit juice, beware, as it causes cancer, and even most fruit itself should instead be replaced with dried prunes, according to our fun-filled friends at the University of Bangor.

Anyway, we all know what to do. Let's vote in the public health experts to make all our laws, and no one will have to die ever again. If you don't, you don't have a soul...